My work alludes to the dynamics and interplay of dual elements; matter/energy, spirit/body, emotion/intellect. It is simultaneously about our Gestalt experience of the drama and beauty of creation, and our intellectual fascination with its parts and how they relate to create a whole.

One of the ways I find of expressing this interplay is by compounding complexes of patterned color into synergistic wholes. Color and pattern are primal to our history and survival. They touch parts of us that are archetypal, rooted in nature, and infinitely curious. I employ abstraction and minimalism as ways to bypass the literal and go directly to metaphor, emotion, and the ineffable. At the same time, like classical music, which integrates intellect and emotion, the works are based in structure, rhythm, and a form of logic.

The works are often associated with energy fields, music, quantum and string theory, weaving, land and seascapes, genetics, etc.

These “paintings” are made of tens of thousands of solid bits of colored acrylic plastic glued together, sanded and polished. They are laminated into cohesive panels through an intensive process of layering, slicing, and reassembly. This process is followed by wet-sanding and polishing.

For me, colored acrylic plastic is simply paint, but in solid form, and my “brushes” are the bandsaw, table saw, and glue.